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W1UL Ham Cram Member Lounge This is the W1UL Ham Cram Member Lounge

When operational the W1UL member lounge is a restricted area requiring a user name and password to enter. This is the area where member come to study provided ham cram material and take ham cram practice tests.

W1UL ham cram membership is total without charge. Watch an Application Evolve Watch the development of an application evolve. The ham-cram method has three paths. The first is establishing the relationship between a question and the correct answer. The second is selecting the correct multiple choice answer from the four alternatives. Hints and explanations are supplied. The last path is selecting the correct multiple choice answer from the four supplied alternative with not help. Then you can consistently score about 85% in the third path you are ready to take the VE exam.

The application linked below is for part two drill. At the moment only subelement is being shown but other subelements will soon be available. Track our progress and let us know if you have any suggestions. Drill on Selecting the Correct Answers With Optional Hints.

Create Technician Study Session - Generate Technician Practice Test - Create General Study Session
Generate General Practice Test - Create Extra Context Study Session - Create Extra Study Session - Generate Extra Practice Test
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