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Helpful Tutorials The W1UL Ham Cram website is more than just a ham license preparation website. We are dedicated to proving an ever increasing group of tutorials to enhance your Ham Cram Experience.

If you have any requests for a tutorial topic please use the Feedback Form Creating a Ham Cram Study Session Creating a Ham Cram Study Session outlines the steps to creating a custom study session on demand. You many choose one or more subelements for study. We do not waste time and create confusion studying wrong answers. The output format is:

1. Which of the following is a characteristic of good emergency traffic handling? (T2C08)
Passing messages exactly as received

2. What is the national calling frequency for FM simplex operations in the 70 cm band? (T2A02)
446.000 MHz

Display Tutorial Repeater Finder & Chirp Interface Finding repeater information is a major problem for most hams. RFinder solves the repeater location problem with ease and when combined with CHIRP radio programming software, users can activate their radios in minutes instead of hours. No spinning dials or key presses.

Individually, these programs are great. Harnessing the two programs together produces the greatest ham radio application since the invention of computer logging.

Display Tutorial

Create Ham Cram Study Session - Alternative Study Methods - Create an Elevator Pitch
Beginners Guide to Repeaters - Repeater Finder & Radio Interface - Expert Mode - The Art of Memorization
Join a Ham Radio Club? - Your First HF Antenna - Should You Learn CW? - Cloud Burner Antennas
Nocturnal Problem Solving - Vanity Calls

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