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Should You Join a Ham Radio Club? Absolutely, without qualification. If you have an interest in Ham Radio, even if you’re not licensed, join a local radio club. As a generalization the more members belonging to a Ham Radio club the better. More members equates to more support, more activities and more ideas. Belonging to a club is especially important if you are pursuing a license or upgrading your license using the ham cram method. The ham cram concept is based upon helping you prepare for a ham radio license with the minimum amount of study time and the highest level of confidence on passing the test. The underlying ham cram method is to get your license or upgrade as quickly as possible, then acquiring the in-depth knowledge of the areas which interest you with “on the job training.” This OJT is effectively supplemented by contact with club members, meetings and activities such as field day.

Finding a Ham Radio Club is easy. There is most likely a club within a half hour drive of wherever you live in the United States.

On the ARRL website you can search for an affiliated club at

Search for ARRL Affiliated Clubs

There is also an excellent listing of ham radio clubs by state, including Guam, Porto Rico and the Virgin Islands, at:

Ham Radio Clubs by State

Don’t just join, get active and get to know other members. Five years down the road some of your best friends will be members of your local radio club.

73 Urb W1UL

Create Ham Cram Study Session - Alternative Study Methods - Create an Elevator Pitch
Beginners Guide to Repeaters - Repeater Finder & Radio Interface - Expert Mode - The Art of Memorization
Join a Ham Radio Club? - Your First HF Antenna - Should You Learn CW? - Cloud Burner Antennas
Nocturnal Problem Solving - Vanity Calls

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