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Create a Ham Cram Study Session

The heart of the W1UL Ham Cram system is study sessions with the question from the pool and only the correct answer. This tutorial describes how to set up a study session. Let's get started. The top of the study session selection page start with the blue text above.

All three tests, Technician, General and Extra, have 10 subelements each.

Your Grades on a Test When you take a test your result page show your grade for the test. Continue studying the same subelement until you score 85% or higher and then proceed to the next subelement.

The subelements do not necessarily need to be studied in any particular order. The Number of Question on a Ham Cram Study Session
You can choose the number or question and answer pair you wish to study when selecting parameters for a Ham Cram Study Session. The number of question to be used defaults to 35 simply because that is the number of question on the Technician and General test. The actual number of questions on the test if the lesser of the number you specify or the available number of question available. The software for the Ham Cram is smart but not smart enough to create questions on the fly.
Selecting a Ham Cram Subelement for Study
The graphic shown above display the available subelements you can specify for your study session. The number of question/correct answer pairs is displayed on the right side. You may select any subelement, grouping or all subelements. Indicate your choices by clicking the box in the leftmost column. Most candidates select one subelement at a time until they are getting close to their VE exam. As with most Ham Cram configurations you can personalize your preferences.

Finally click on the "Select one or more Subelements for Study" button to start you Ham Cram study session.

Good luck with your study sessions.
An Actual Ham Cram Study Session
The graphic above depicts an actual study session where subelement T1 was selected and 10 question were requested.

Create Ham Cram Study Session - Alternative Study Methods - Create an Elevator Pitch
Beginners Guide to Repeaters - Repeater Finder & Radio Interface - Expert Mode - The Art of Memorization
Join a Ham Radio Club? - Your First HF Antenna - Should You Learn CW? - Cloud Burner Antennas
Nocturnal Problem Solving - Vanity Calls

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